Choosing A Newborn Photographer For Your Family

Having a baby will be one of the best moments in your life and choosing a newborn photographer for your family is important! Newborn photography is an investment and should be just as important as choosing a hair stylist. As soon as time passes, you can’t get those memories back and being able to look back on quality images is something you will never regret.

You want to follow them, know them and trust them to give you exactly what you want. While price is a factor in choosing a photographer, it shouldn’t be the deciding one. You want to hire someone that no matter who else is out there – they are the only one you want. Because ultimately, you won’t feel like you settled for less.

There are a lot of factors in choosing a Newborn Photographer for your family and here are several things to consider before hiring one.

How Experienced Are They

You want to hire someone who specializes in newborn photography and has a passion for what they do. An experienced photographer will know how to settle, pose and position babies safely. They understand the importance of lighting, the perfect angles for posing and how to create beautiful setups that are tailored specifically to your wants and needs. Its also ideal to find a photographer who puts their focus specifically on the genre of newborn photography so that you can feel confident that they are committed to giving you the best experience.

Anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves a a photographer, so its important to make sure that they are licensed and insured as well. A legal business means the photographer is taking the necessary steps to being a professional, trusted name in the community.

*Newborn photography is my passion. There’s nothing better than producing images for a family that will take them back to when their baby was freshly earthside. I’ve worked very hard over the years perfecting my craft and I love seeing how excited parents are after their session. Its my ultimate goal to make each family feel comfortable and leaving feeling like a friend. I want to provide an experience that you won’t regret investing in.

I’ve trained with some of the best photographers in the world and am continually perfecting my skill. I was named “Best Newborn Photographer in Washington State” and have been a Top Baby Photographer in my area for several years.

I have photographed over 400 babies in the last 3 years and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

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Its important that you wholeheartedly trust your newborn photographer. They will be photographing your baby freshly into the world and you want to make sure they know exactly what they are doing. Whether it be safely handling your little one, being up to date on vaccines or simply creating an environment that you feel completely comfortable with – you should have no doubt or worry when it comes to who you choose.

Look at reviews and do research. Google and Yelp are great sources for client reviews and you’ll be able to get a good feel for the photographer’s reputation. You want to feel like you’re going with the best because you deserve the best.

*I have invested thousands of dollars in training and I’m always continuously learning to perfect my craft. Safety is my priority and I will always treat your little one like my own. I’ve encountered every type of situation when it comes to newborn photography, so I’m confident in every pose that I do. I’m *fully* vaccinated, which includes the yearly flu vaccine. I want parents to feel at ease when I’m photographing their little one and trusting me with their baby is something I’m very grateful for!

I also have over 110 5-star Google Reviews, which can attest for my prioritizing of my client’s satisfaction and desire to provide the best possible experience.

Do You Love Their Work

Every photographer has their own unique style and its important that you absolutely love their work. By looking through their portfolio, you can get a good idea of what you can expect with your own images. Be sure to choose the style that speaks to you because these will be the images that you showcase on your walls, send to your family and look back at forever.

Editing styles can vary, so understanding the differences between them is imperative. Some photographers prefer a “film” look, which they create with filters and others prefer more of a natural, lighter look. There are photographers who edit moody and there are some that edit with a clean, natural look. There is no right way to edit, but knowing the difference between styles will help choose who you’d like to hire.

Lighting is very important when hiring a newborn photographer, which is either natural or studio. If you were to compare images side by side, there is a definite difference, so be sure to understand the difference and choose the look that you find most appealing.

Be sure to look for consistency too. You want a photographer who produces images with a similar look and feel because then you will know that you will receive the same. Look at skin tones and the type of editing style they use. Is it a brighter, airy look or filmy, moody one? All of these factor into a photographer’s style and knowing the difference between them is crucial to deciding on what you prefer.

*As a newborn photographer, I pride myself in my consistency. What you see is what you get with me. I have a workflow that I do at each session and attempt every pose as long as the baby is completely comfortable with it.

My editing style has a clean, simple, lighter look. I try to keep skin tones as true as possible and its my priority to deliver a beautiful, consistent gallery to my clients.

I have chosen to use studio lighting at my newborn sessions because they create a very consistent, professional look.

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Photographer’s Style

There are two different styles of newborn photography and its important that you know which one you’re most drawn to – Lifestyle or Posed. You want to feel completely comfortable with the type of session you choose and make sure that the photographer does well in that particular style.


Lifestyle sessions are primarily done in the client’s home and focus on the family loving on the new baby. No props or actual posing is done, as it has a very relaxed and is very go-with-the-flow feel. Photos are typically taken in baby’s nursery or the master bedroom where optimal natural light can be achieved. These sessions are very lenient with age too, so they can be done even if the baby is a few months old.

Posed sessions are typically done in a studio and put more focus on baby. These sessions are custom styled by the photographer and include the use of props and accessories, so the parents don’t have to worry about a thing! The baby is gently guided into comfortable poses, which includes them being sweetly curled up, snuggly wrapped and placed in props. These sessions can be done using natural or studio lighting and should be done within the first 2 weeks after baby is born.

* I specialize in posed newborn photography and I love being able to create beautifully posed images for families that really are a work of art.

During each session, I have a workflow where I gently pose the baby while following their lead. I will never put baby in a pose that he or she seems uncomfortable in or does not like. My workflow is very beneficial to parents because they are able to see exactly what they will be getting at their session.

IPS vs All-Inclusive

There are 2 types of photographers when it comes to how they provide their images to their clients and its important that you know the difference between them.

IPS stands for “In Person Sales” and requires you to meet with the photographer in person where they will show and sell you your photographs. The clients pays a “creative fee” and is then required to purchase products on top of that. This type of photographer creates a custom experience with custom products that are marked up significantly. If you’re wanting tangible products such as canvas, matted prints, etc and want the photographer to order them for you, then this route is perfect for you. Typical investment with them is in the thousands.

All-Inclusive photographers don’t require any additional meetings or purchases when it comes to receiving your images. They simply provide you with access to an online gallery where you can instantly download your images and print them as you wish.

*I am an all-inclusive photographer. As a mom, I understand how valuable time is especially with a little one, so its why I prefer to do everything in a way that I feel is most convenient for everyone. No additional meetings and everything is done from the comfort of your own home. Clients have access to their images online and can instantly download them to their computer or phone. I want my clients to be able to print their images as they wish because after all, they are your images and you should be able to do what you want with them.

Price And What They Offer

When looking at a photographer’s pricing, be sure to check what is included in the package you’re interested in. Some packages include digital images and some do not. Its important to know what you’re booking so that you don’t end up paying more for things that you didn’t know you had to.

The cost for newborn photography can vary greatly. Studio location, how experienced the photographer is, their level of training and the type of equipment they use are all factored into pricing. Professional photographers also have business expenses such as insurance, continual education, website maintenance, rent, childcare and LOTS of taxes. When you book a session with a photographer who is running things legally, the prices will reflect that. It all goes back to the saying – “you get what you pay for.”

*I am the type of photographer who believes in transparency. I’m an open book, so everything is listed on my website. I don’t want my clients to be surprised by any hidden fees or expenses, which is why I have all of my pricing available for everyone to see.

I’ve trained with some of the best photographers in the world and am continually perfecting my skill. I was named “Best Newborn Photographer in Washington State” and have been a Top Baby Photographer in my area for several years. I’ve invested a lot of money in props and accessories that I use during each session and am always adding to my collection. Its important that I provide the best for my clients and have a variety of items to use so that not every session is the same.

Therefore, my pricing is based on all of the above. My goal is to provide my clients with the best quality experience and images that you will admire. It is my hope that you see the value in what I do and provide and know that you are getting what you pay for with my services.

While price may be a factor when choosing a newborn photographer, it definitely shouldn’t be the deciding factor when hiring one.

“Beautiful newborn portraiture is a wonderful luxury, and it is worth the investment. They are only this little for a little while.”


If you’re interested in newborn photography by Christina Mae Photography, please be sure to take a look at the Newborn Experience that she provides here. Or if you’re ready to book, feel free to send her a message through her contact page.











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