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Why You Need One

Let's be honest - the first few days after a baby is born are some of the most hectic, chaotic moments of your life. Bringing a new life into the world means learning about this perfect little human and navigating through a fresh beginning. These are some of the best moments you'll ever experience and I want to document these for you with a hospital "fresh 48" newborn session.


Fresh 48 Sessions are quickly becoming the most popular newborn session for families. They document all of the moments and details that you never want to forget as a parent. From the moment your little one is born, time flies by. Your baby will constantly grow and change and remembering those first few hours of life is something you will look back on forever. The precious details - from their wrinkly fingers + toes, flaky skin and tiny feet to the hospital blanket and hat they were quickly put in. Those are the things that will become a blur and a hospital newborn session is perfect for capturing them.

Learn more about Fresh 48 Hospital Sessions by watching this video:

What To Expect

Within the first 24-48 hours after baby arrives, I will join you at the hospital or place of birth for an hour to photograph your family. No dressing up or glam - just the real, raw moments of you and your baby bonding. It is important to me that you are you and feel completely comfortable. So, if that means wearing sweat pants or just a robe, then by all means, please do! After all, I want to document real life and you being your authentic self is a huge part of that!


I also have a prep guide that I send to my clients upon booking. It contains tips and information on how to prepare for your session to help make things go as smoothly as possible. Its important for me that you know exactly what to expect because you have enough to worry about the day your baby is born and this session shouldn't be one of them!


While no props or actual posing is done during the session, I will bring a few wraps and simple accessories if the parents would like to incorporate them for a simple pop of color. For the most part though, my goal is to capture the fresh newness of your baby with what is already provided at the hospital and by the parents.

Fresh 48 Video Add-On Option

You may think that having both photos and video are overkill, but I assure you that's not the case! The first 24 hours after your baby is born will pass in the blink of an eye and you may miss some of the simplest moments that pictures can't capture. Moments such as a sweet cry from your newborn, the stiff, quick kicks of baby's feet or you softly shushing your little one as you rock them. Capturing those details on video are so special and nothing in the world can replace them! Its the best way to remember a time that goes by so quickly and to share your beautiful experience with friends and loved ones.

Here is an example of a Fresh 48 Video taken at Good Samaritan Hospital Family Birth Center in Puyallup:

Additional Thoughts

It's important to note that a Fresh 48 Session does *not* replace a studio or in-home newborn session and clients typically book both. Babies change so quickly and will look completely different by the time the newborn session is done, which is between 10-14 days after they are born.


The things that most parents don't think to document on their own, such as the hospital and the room they are in. The bassinet the baby is placed in, hospital bracelets and the bags that you packed - those are what make the experience real and absolutely worth investing in Fresh 48 photography.

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